I am the faraway grandmother of six long distance grandchildren.  I’ve been a grandma for fifteen years, and in all that time I’ve never lived less than 500 miles from my grandchildren.  I live in St. Louis, Missouri, and one grandson and granddaughter live in Oregon.  The other two grandsons and two granddaughters live in Belgium.

It’s a challenge to stay close and connected when the kids are so far away.  To help other grandparents in this situation, I am writing a Kindle book with suggestions, tips, and cautions about how to connect with those distant kids and how to maintain the key peaceful relationships with their parents necessary to create those bonds.

I have posted some excerpts from my book on this blog.  Please feel free to send me questions, or suggestions about how you stay connected over the miles.

Visit my blog at longdistancegrandparenting.wordpress.com


Kathy aka Faraway Grandma